Assassin’s Creed Mirage – All Dervis Artifacts Locations

Dervis Artifacts are collectibles items that can be stolen from the pockets of eighteen passersby throughout Baghdad. They become available during the quest – “Nur’s Contact”, after talking to the Dervis.

This collectible guide details everything you need to know about finding all of the Dervis artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Dervis artifacts only appear on the map after you’ve found Noor’s familiar while investigating Ali ibn Muhammad.

Artifacts are always found in the possession of specific people who are moving or standing within a small local area.

To pick up an Artifact, sneak up on the wearer and activate the standard “Pickpocketing” mini-game. This way you can get caught if you fail the mini-game, but you can disable it in the menu settings: “Gameplay” -> “Guaranteed Pickpocket” to skip the mini-game and always succeed.

Dervis Artifacts are given away in the Dervis’s Shop in batches, for resources or a unique costume as a final reward.

  • For 3 Artifacts you will receive: 70 Steel Ingot, 70 Leather, 120 Components.
  • For 6 Artifacts you will get: 110 Steel Ingot, 110 Leather, 180 Components.
  • For 9 Artifacts you will receive: Treasure Seeker’s Outfit.

The location of all Dervis Artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Artifacts of Abbasiyah

#1 Artifact – Round Moon Plaque

Location: Abbasiyah – Yasiriyah

At the merchant’s woman, in front of the blue-roofed counter. It is located just behind the Abbasiyah Bureau, on the bank of the river.

#2 Artifact – Tang Cleaner

Location: Abbasiyah – Haylanah

Found by a worker with a shovel, near a pile of bricks. North of the Hammam and the Wisest Scholar’s Estate.

#3 Artifact – Olibanum

Location: Abbasiyah – Haylanah

This artifact is located in the courtyard with the fountain, between The Great Bimaristan and Dome of the Ass. It will be carried by a bearded man in gray clothes walking around this courtyard.

#4 Artifact – Small Chinese Box

Location: Abbasiyah  – Suburb of Kahtabah

At a woman in a green raincoat and blue shawl, in The Four Markets neighborhood, walking down the street and stopping by the book stalls.

Artifacts of Harbiyah

#5 Artifact – Aksumite Amulet

Location: Harbiyah – Shari’

At a woman in a brown trenchcoat in the Dyeing Factory neighborhood, stirring paint in containers or working nearby in a pile of earth, with a shovel.

#6 Artifact – Buddhist Votive Plaque

Location: Harbiyah – Quadrangle of the Persians

An elderly man with a long white beard, brooming the ground, next to a hay wagon and a well.

#7 Artifact – Money Cowrie

Location: Harbiyah – Khuld

A man with a pitchfork shifting hay from the pile to the feeder.

#8 Artifact – Scandinavian Brooch

Location: Harbiyah – Zubadiyah

A man making flatbread at a table, usually with a waiting line of people in front of him.

Artifacts of Karkh

#9 Artifact – Jade Comb

Location: Karkh – Sharqiyah

Northeast of the Harbor Camp you will find a fruit market, the artifact is in the possession of a man with a gold chain around his neck, he is standing in front of a large tree.

#10 Artifact – Glass Weight

Location: Karkh – Tabik

A man in a bard suit beating the dust out of the carpet with a stick.

#11 Artifact – Decorated Shell

Location: Karkh – Tabik

At a woman in a yellow suit, with a purple sash, southeast of The Bazaar.

#12 Artifact – Ivory Chess Piece

Location: Karkh – Tabik

A man in a green suit, in the neighborhood to the right of the “Monastery of the Virgins” strolls down the street and stops to watch the hanging chickens.

Artifacts of Round City

#13 Artifact – Pyxis

Location: Round City – Commanders’ District

Northeast of the “Shurta Headquarters”, at a woman in a green suit on the street, talking to a crowd of people, or going to see a butcher.

#14 Artifact – Coptic Censer

Location: Round City – Residential District

South of the Harem, a bald man with a beard walks along the street market, looking for pots or baskets from vendors.

#15 Artifact – Sillan Christian Cross

Location: Round City – Administrative District

Just west of the Postal Bureau, an elderly man in a green suit on a balcony, telling seated people something.

Artifacts of Wilderness

#16 Artifact – Staurotheke

Location: Wilderness – Anbar

In Basima’s hometown, southwest of the “Winter Palace,” a man in a dark green suit watering flowers near a fountain.

#17 Artifact – Kissi Penny

Location: Wilderness – Wilderness West

South of the Oasis fast travel point, at the merchant in the desert camp, near a dry tree.

#18 Artifact – Byzantine Bracelet

Location: Wilderness South – Jarjaraya

A man with a cup on a private patio, next to a hay cart.

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