Assassin’s Creed Mirage – All Gear Chests by region in Baghdad

The golden square chests that can be found throughout Baghdad contain items of Hidden equipment – suits, swords, daggers or their enhancement schemes. Some of them may be in a locked area and locked with a key that is located somewhere nearby.

This page of our Assassin’s Creed: Mirage guide provides detailed information on the location of all gear chests.

All of Abbasiyah gear chests in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Abbassiah chests contain items related to the Zanji Uprising Dagger and the Abbasid Knight Sword.

“The Zanji Uprising Dagger” can be found in the Suburb of Kahtabah districts. Its weapon bonus: “Second Wind” – “Successful Dodges refill 10 % of Stamina”.

The item “Abbasid Knight Sword” can be found in the Haylanah area. Its weapon bonus: “On the Edge” – “When Basim’s Health is lower than 50 %, Light Attacks deal + 30 % damage”.

You will always get the weapon itself first in the first open gear chest, and the other two will always get its enhancement schemes.

#1 Gear Chest – The Zanji Uprising Dagger

Location: Abbassiah – Haylanah – The Great Bimaristan

The gear chest is in the room under the dome, the tallest tower of Great Bimaristan.

The door to the room is locked, go around to the other side of the room and through the window throw a knife at the deadbolt. Now you can go in and get the “Zanji Uprising Dagger”.

#2 Gear Chest – Abbasid Knight Sword

Location: Abbassiah – Suburb of Kahrabah – Scholar’s Estate

This gear chest is located in the room of the Scholar’s Estate, labeled number two in the screenshot above. You can get there through the breakable window above the wooden canopy. But first you need to get the key to the lock of the chest. It is located in the next building to the left of the chest (look at the screenshot above, marked with number one).

Since the nearest door to the key will be closed, go around the building on the roof on the other side to enter through another door. It will be guarded by two Turks, deal with them and take the key.

With the key, go back to the room with the chest and push back the two bookstands to reach the chest.

#3 Gear Chest – Zanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade Schematic 1

Location: Abbassiah – Yasiriyah – Hammam

The gear chest is in the room behind the destructible wall. And the exploding jug can be taken around the corner, in the room blocked by the rack, there is a breakable window to the left of it. Climb in there and clear the passage out of the room first, so you can get out with the jug without any problems.

Throw the jug at the wall where the chest lies and pick up the improvement scheme of the Zanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade Schematic.

#4 Gear Chest – Zanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade Schematic 2

Location: Abbassiah – Suburb of Kahtabah – The Four Markets

This gear chest is in a house in the southwest corner of the Four Markets, behind locked doors, under a purple awning, near the bridge leading to the Scriptorium area.

You need to get the key to the door, there are 3 in the area, but you need the one in the north of the Four Markets. Go north under the green awnings of the main road in this area, to an open door under the same purple awning as the house with the chest.

Enter the house under the purple awning and steal the key from the man facing the window.

Now go back to the chest door and enter the room. Open the door inside first, on the opposite side of the room, then take the exploding jug and go to the other side of the house, blast the wall on the right and go back for another jug. Go into the hole in the wall and blow up the stones on the ceiling to move the rack to the opening and climb to the top floor.

At the top, take the second Zanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade Schematic in the chest.

#5 Gear Chest – Abbasid Knight Sword Upgrade Schematic 1

Location: Abbassiah – Yasiriyah – Scriptorium

The first chest with the sword upgrade is located in the Scriptorium of Yasiriyah. Determine the exact location of the house with the chest, using Enkida or Eagle Vision. Then jump up the wall to the roof, where a merchant with a stall in the wall is standing. There, deal with the guards and climb down to the balcony of this house.

There’s another guard inside, disarm him quietly and open the chest.

#6 Gear Chest – Abbasid Knight Sword Upgrade Schematic 2

Location: Abbassiah – Yasiriyah – House of Wisdom

The second chest with the sword upgrade is located in the astronomical library of the House of Wisdom. First you need the key to the door leading to the chest, go up to the roof of the observatory and find the astronomer there.

Steal the key from him, then climb up the dome building using the scaffolding. You need a window on the balcony, opposite the destroyed part of the railing. Throw a knife through the window at the pendant with the jugs, they will fall down and clear the passage inside. Enter the building just below and open the door on the right.

Climb to the top and open the chest.

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