Guides by Ubisoft Bordeaux

Assassin’s Creed Mirage – All Gear Chests by region in Baghdad

The golden square chests that can be found throughout Baghdad contain items of Hidden equipment - suits, swords, daggers or their enhancement schemes. Some of them may be in a locked area and locked with a key that...

Assassin’s Creed Mirage – All Dervis Artifacts Locations

Dervis Artifacts are collectibles items that can be stolen from the pockets of eighteen passersby throughout Baghdad. They become available during the quest - "Nur's Contact", after talking to the Dervis. This collectible guide details everything you need to...

About Ubisoft Bordeaux

Ubisoft Bordeaux is one of the numerous studios operated by Ubisoft, situated in Bordeaux, France. Established in 2017, this studio is part of Ubisoft’s broader network, contributing to the development of various projects within Ubisoft’s extensive catalog of video games.

The Bordeaux studio has been involved in the creation of several Ubisoft titles, working alongside other Ubisoft studios to bring these projects to fruition. While specific details about the studio’s contributions to individual games may not always be publicly disclosed due to the collaborative nature of game development, Ubisoft Bordeaux is known to play a role in supporting Ubisoft’s ambitious projects.

Ubisoft Bordeaux benefits from the rich cultural and technological landscape of Bordeaux, a city known for its vibrant arts scene and strong digital industry presence. This environment provides a fertile ground for nurturing talent and fostering creativity within the studio.

As with other Ubisoft studios, Ubisoft Bordeaux likely operates within Ubisoft’s broader framework of values, which include a commitment to innovation, quality, and diversity. Ubisoft has a history of promoting diversity and inclusion within its workforce, striving to create a supportive and inclusive environment where employees from diverse backgrounds can thrive.

While Ubisoft Bordeaux may not be as widely recognized as some of Ubisoft’s larger studios, its contributions to Ubisoft’s games are undoubtedly valuable. As part of Ubisoft’s global network of studios, Ubisoft Bordeaux plays a role in shaping the diverse and engaging gaming experiences that Ubisoft is known for delivering to players worldwide.