Hogwarts Legacy: All Demiguise Moon locations

In the story quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” you will meet Mr. Gladwin Moon in order to learn the new Alohomor spell that allows you to unlock level 1 locks. You will also receive an side quest, “The Man Behind the Moons” in which he asks you to collect all of the remaining Demiguise statuettes.

These statuettes are similar to the Domus and are among the collectibles in the game, and are needed to get the next levels of Alohomora to complete the game. Although the figurines are visible during the day, you can only collect them at night. You can also collect them after the whole game. For convenience, activate all fast movement points, since Demiguise statuettes are not marked on the map, you can track found in the right corner of the map in each section.

You will get the first three figurines when you complete the main quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” and you must search for the rest in and outside of Hogwarts. When you bring Mr. Moon 9 statuettes, he will teach you the 2nd level of Alohomora. When you bring another 13, you will learn the 3rd level of opening locks. This is enough to complete the game, but you can collect the rest, which will get you the “Demiguise Dread” trophy and complete “The Man Behind the Moons” quest.

We show you the location of all Demiguise statuettes.

Hogwarts (10 Moons)

The Astronomy Wing -> Professor Fig’s Classroom

From your place of appearance, go through the door in front of you, go through Fig’s classroom, and enter his office. Moon is in Professor Fig’s office.

The Astronomy Wing -> Transfiguration Courtyard

From the place of appearance, go through the courtyard with the dragon statue to the large doors.

Then turn right and down the stairs to enter the basement. In this basement there is a level 1 door lock on the left, open it to find the statue in the room.

The Astronomy Wing -> Transfiguration Courtyard (lock level 2)

From the place of appearance, turn around and go through the door to the left of the foo flame. To the right of the stairs is a door with a level 2 lock, behind which is a statue.

The Bell Tower Wing -> Beasts Classroom (lock level 2)

From where you appeared, turn to face the green fireplace flame. Enter the 2nd door on the right with the 2nd level door lock. Inside is a statue.

The Bell Tower Wing -> Hogwarts North Exit

From the place of appearance, turn around and go through the gate to the left. Under the stairs, enter the door with a level 1 lock. The statue is behind the door.

The Great Hall -> Great Hall

From where you emerged, go to the right door in front and open the level 1 door to find the statue behind it.

The Library Annex -> Divination Classroom

From where you were reborn, ascend the stairs in front of you all the way to the top. At the top of the stairs, a rope ladder will appear and you will ascend to the Divination Classroom. The statue is on the teacher’s desk.

The Library Annex -> Library

From where you appear, turn around, then go straight to the end where the bookshelves are, turn right to go through the gate to the Restricted section.

Go downstairs and follow the linear path forward, the same path you followed in the “Secrets Of The Restricted Section” quest. At the end of the path down the stairs you will find a statue.

The Library Annex -> Potions Classroom (lock level 2)

From where you appeared, go through the door in front, then turn left and go downstairs. Go all the way down until you reach the level 1 door lock, open it. This leads to a hallway, go through the first door on the left with a level 2 door lock. Behind it is the statue.

The South Wing -> Clock Tower Courtyard

In the south wing of Hogwarts Castle, in the bathroom behind the level 1 door lock. Go through the middle bathroom door to find it.

From the “Clock Tower Courtyard” fast travel point, go through the door to the right of the green fast travel point on the wall.

Then across the short connecting bridge to another part of the castle, go through the next door in front (you can only go one way here), down the stairs in front and turn left. Then it’s the second door on the left. Enter the bathroom and go through the middle bathroom stall.

Hogsmeade (9 Moons)

Tomes And Scrolls (2 moons)

Inside the House of Tomes and Scrolls.

Follow the salesman into his room to find the moon in the far corner on the wooden pedestal near the chest with the eye.

From the Tomes and Scrolls, enter the first alley northwest to find the front door of this house on the left. Demiguise statuette in the house with the 2nd level lock, upstairs.

Hog’s Head

At the Boar’s Head pub, in the back room behind the bartender.

J. Pippin’s Potions (lock level 2)

Upstairs in a house with a level 2 lock, on the western edge of Hogsmeade, the next house north of J. Pippin’s Potions.

The Three Broomsticks (2 moons)

In the Three Broomsticks Tavern, on the top floor behind the level 1 door lock.

In the next house east of the Three Broomsticks Tavern, with a level 1 lock upstairs.

Gladrags Wizardwear

In the clothing store “Gladrags Wizardwear” the second door with the sign “Dervish and Banges”.

Luna stands on the counter in front of the clerk.


In the house behind the sweet shop, with a level 1 door lock.

Brood And Peck

In the house across from the beast supply shop, with a level 1 door lock.

Above the fireplace, first floor.

Open World (11 Moons)

North Ford Bog -> Pitt-Upon-Ford

Inside the house on the third floor at Pitt-Upon-Ford.

Hogsmeade Valley -> Upper Hogsfield

Inside the house in Upper Hogsfield.

South Hogwarts Region -> Aranshir

Inside the house on the second floor in Aranshir.

South Hogwarts Region -> Lower Hogsfield

Inside the house near the door in Lower Hogsfield. The house opposite the point with the foo flame.

Hogwarts Valley -> Brocburrow

Inside the house at Brocburrow, opposite the altar with Merlin’s trial.

Hogwarts Valley -> Keenbridge

Inside a house on the west edge in Keenbridge, with a level 1 door lock.

Feldcroft Region -> Irondale

Inside the house, behind the counter in Irondale.

Marunweem Lake -> Marunweem

Inside the house in Marunwim.

Feldcroft Region -> Feldcroft (lock level 2)

The hamlet of Feldcroft, in a house to the east, with a 2nd level door lock. Opposite the door of the house is a well.

On the windowsill of the first floor.

Manor Cape -> Bainburg

In the hamlet of Bainburg, in a house in the north of town with a level 1 door lock, on the chair on the left.

Cragcroftshire -> Cragcroft

Cragcroft Town, in the house on the west edge of the map, to the right of the merchant from whom you can buy items.

The door to the house is open, the statue is upstairs.

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