How to get treasure chest in side quest “Well. Well. Well” Hogwarts Legacy?

There are many side quests in the game “Hogwarts Legacy” and one of them is “Well. Well. Well”. The purpose of this quest is to explore a mysterious well located in the southern region of Hogwarts. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you solve this quest.

Where to find the quest “Well. Well. Well.”

East of Hogwarts Castle and south east of Aranshir, there is a ruin with a well.

Approach it to speak to a voice from it.

He will ask you to find the hidden treasure on the map and activate the side quest “Well. Well. Well.”

Where to find the treasure on the map

Go to the south east of the Feldcroft region. There are ruins there with a bridge to a small island.

On it there is a tree between the ruined walls.

It will glow white when you get close to it. Use Revelio’s spell to lift it off the ground.

In the roots of the tree will be hidden chest.

Activate it to get a cosmetic reward, a bicone hat, for the unbeatable “Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat”.

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