The Last of Us Part I: Bill’s Town Collectibles – Chapter 4

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the Bill's Town chapter, including Safe and Tools for the Workbench

Discover how to collect all the collectibles in the “Bill’s Town” – fourth chapter of The Last Of Us remake. It starts when Joel and Ellie go to an old acquaintance to get a car. In the chapter “Bill’s Town” you need to find 11 Artifacts, 3 Firefly Pendants, 1 Workbench, 1 Workbench Tools, 1 Comics, 2 Shivs Doors, 1 Safe, and 5 Optional Conversations.

The Woods

Artifact #1: Pills Note

After you get to the fenced-off area by the board on the roof and jump down into the next courtyard – take the stairs to the building on the right. The note is on the floor in the room upstairs.

Shiv Door #1

Go back to the stairs that got you into the house and jump down to the door on the left. Unlock it with the shiv to get to the extras.

Optional Conversation #1

When Ellie opens the gate for you, go to the building directly in front of you and wait for her to tell you about the arcade automat.

The code to the safe

The code from the safe: 05-17-21

Walk out of the previous building back onto the main street and walk forward and to the left to find this safe behind the red pickup truck. Inside are additives and parts for the workbench.

Firefly Pendant #1: Wang

Further down the street is a white van. Climb right on top of it to retrieve this pendant from the roof.

Artifact #2: Note to Bob

From the roof of the van, you’ll have a good view of the flickering next note at the barricade at the end of the street. By the way, that’s where the code to the safe we opened earlier is written.

Artifact #3: Perimeter Note

There is a Marquis music store across from the wang’s. The note is on the table in the staff room.

Shiv Door #2

Turn into the alley outside the Marquis store to go around the other side of the building. The locked door will be on your right. Inside are supplements and parts for the workbench.

Artifact #4: Note to Rachel

After walking through the rooftops and sneaking under the stretch, turn into the passageway on your left. Enter the building to find the note on the desk on the top floor.


Artifact #5: Bill’s Map

After the cutscene in Bill’s hideout, you will be able to pick up the map he showed you.

Artifact #6: Fences Note

Go into the room near where the dartboard hangs to find this note on the table.

Optional Conversation #2

Go to the chessboard on one of the tables to hear this optional conversation.

Training Manual: Shiv Sharpening

On the bar near Bill, pick up a tutorial that will increase the durability of your sharpeners.

Artifact #7: Hunters Note

Go up the stairs with Bill, then go into the room on the right to find this note on the table.

Firefly Pendant #2: Vincent

Outside, you will encounter a group of infected people. Once you’ve dealt with them, you’ll be able to knock the pendant off the lamppost with a shot.


Tools for the workbench, level 1

From the weapons room, where Bill will give you a new recipe for crafting, go to the room on the left. There is a toolbox in the corner.


The workbench is against the far wall in Bill’s armory.

Artifact #8: Bombs Note

Go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the room to the right of the altar. The note is on the table.

Firefly Pendant #3: Mrozik

After passing through the cemetery with the Mroziks, you will find yourself in the next area with the infected. There is a house on the right that is red in color. You need to go inside it to retrieve the pendant in the bathroom.

Artifact #9: Boy’s Diary

After going through a house full of Clickers, you will climb onto a van and move into the backyard of the house with the pool. Go inside and go up to the nursery to pick up this diary.

Optional Conversation #3

In the same room, wait for Ellie to ask you a question and talk to her right away.

High School Escape

Optional Conversation #4

Move through the plot until Ellie is seated in the car. Stand beside her for a while so you have a chance to talk.

Artifact #10: Note from Frank

In the same house where you found the car. The note is on the table in the bedroom.

Optional Conversation #5

Take a note to Bill to listen to this optional conversation.

Artifact #11: Note from Frank + Achievement

When Bill crumples the note and throws it on the floor, go around the car and pick it up. This will unlock the “In Memorium” trophy.

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