The Last of Us Part I: The University Collectibles – Chapter 8

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the Tommy's Dam chapter, including Comics and Training manuals

Discover how to collect all the collectibles in chapter eight of The Last Of Us remake, where Joel and Ellie arrive at the University of Eastern Colorado. In the “University” chapter, you need to find 9 artifacts, 5 Firefly pendants, 1 comic, 2 workbenches, 1 set of workbench tools, 2 training manuals, 1 shiv door, and 3 optional conversations.

Go Big Horns

Comics #1: Free Radicals

At the very beginning of the chapter, turn around and drive down the road ahead. The comics book will be lying in the car.

Workbench #1

After driving under the gallery connecting the two university buildings, look into the building on the right. There you will find a workbench and a flamethrower.

Artifact #1: Snipers’ Nest Log

From the workbench, take the stairs to the top floor and go out to the balcony to find this magazine near the chair in the corner.

Optional Conversation #1

After going outside from the previous building, you need to jump over the barricade with barbed wire. Look at the large image of a ram on the brick wall to hear this dialogue.

Firefly Pendant #1: H. Pino

After climbing the nearest stairs, turn right. You will see a courtyard with trees, on one of which hangs a pendant. Shoot it to retrieve it.

Artifact #2: Wall Panel Note

When you first split up with Ellie, go to the locked gate and read the note on the wall.

Firefly Pendant #2: Rohner

Walk forward to the next barricade with barbed wire. To the right of it is a building where you can climb in through a broken window. The pendant lies on the table.

Training Manual #1: Health – Sterilization

Jump over the barricade with barbed wire and in the next area keep to the right side. You need to find a building with broken windows and climb the stairs at the top.

After that, climb over the balcony to the next room. There on the table is a tutorial that will increase the effectiveness of your first aid kits by 67%.

Optional Conversation #2

Go back outside and continue walking forward along the right side until Ellie notices the Firefly badge on the wall on the left. Examine it to start a conversation.

Artifact #3: UEC Campus Map

After parting with Ellie to get to the generator, you will make your way to the university campus under a small rubble. This map will lie on the table in front of you.

Artifact #4: Student’s Journal

Go upstairs and look in room 200-B to retrieve this diary from the desk drawer.

Firefly Pendant #3: Warren

When you jump down through the hole in the floor, you’ll need to deal with a few of the infected. The pendant falls out of a roaming Bloater, so you have to kill him.

Artifact #5: Newspaper Clipping

Back upstairs, look in room 205-B to pick up this newspaper clipping from the mini-fridge.

Firefly Pendant #4: Griggs

Walk forward until you reach the tents in front of the entrance to the large glass science lab building. You need the farthest tent; the pendant is on the table.


Workbench #2

Once you get inside the lab building, look in the room on the left to find the workbench there.

Shiv door

Go to lecture room 205 at the end of the hallway and crack the door with a shiv. Inside you’ll find additives, parts for the workbench, and more.

Training Manual #2: Molotov – Deployment

On the table in the lecture room, where the locked door led, lies a tutorial that doubles the damage radius of Molotov cocktails.

Workbench Tools, Level 4

On the table next to the previous reference book.

Optional Conversation #3

Walk forward until you’re near the ladder. Ellie will get into a box of books. You’ll be able to grab one, too, to start the conversation.

Artifact #6: Office Recorder

Go up one floor and go into the room on the left to pick up the recorder from the desk.

Artifact #7: Fungal X-Rays

Walk forward until you pass through the tent from the screenshot below. After that, turn left and pick up the snapshot from the table.

Artifact #8: Lab Recorder

In the room with the monkeys on one of the tables in the center lies the recorder.

Firefly Pendant #5: Hickman

In the same room, by the refrigerator in the far right corner, another pendant lies on a locker.

Artifact #9: Firefly Recorder

Automatically appears in your inventory after the scene.

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