The Last of Us Part I: The Firefly Lab Collectibles – Chapter 11

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the The Firefly Lab chapter, including Comics and Shiv Door

Discover how to collect all the collectibles in the last two chapters of The Last Of Us remake. They start when Joel meets Marlene again and you need to find 4 artifacts, 1 Firefly pendants, 1 comics and 1 shiv door.

The Hospital

Artifact #1: Surgeon’s Recorder

After making your way through the Firefly and up the stairs, you will find this recorder at the front desk.

Artifact #2: Marlene’s Recorder 1

Enter the open room to the right of the previous recorder. Another recorder will be lying on the table.

Shiv Door

There is a locked door behind the front desk that can be opened with a shiv. This is the last door you need to achieve “Master of Unlocking“.

Firefly Pendant: Stewart-Seume’s

On the table in the room behind the previous locked door. This is the last pendant you need to achieve “Look for the Light“.

Artifact #3: Marlene’s Journal

In the next room you will see a large green medical tent. The diary lies inside on a locker.

Artifact #4: Marlene’s Recorder 2

Move forward until you get to Pediatrics. Go into room 608 on your right and pick up this recorder from the desk.

Jackson – Epilogue

Comics: Singularity

Right after the beginning of the chapter, you need to climb over the fence with Joel. After that, go to the right to pick up this comics book from the car seat. This is the last comics you need to achieve “Endure and Survive“.

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