The Last of Us Part I: The Outskirts Collectibles – Chapter 3

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the The Outskirts chapter, including Safe and Option Conversations

In chapter 3 – “The Outskirts” you need to find 9 Artifacts, 4 Firefly Pendants, 1 Workbench, 2 Shiv doors, 1 Safe and 4 Optional Conversations. You can track your progress through the chapter selection menu.


Optional Conversation #1

At the beginning of the chapter, talk to Tess before you go any further.

Artifact #1: Tess’s List

On the nightstand near the couch where Joel slept. If you boot up, the room will be behind you.

Artifact #2: Patrol Routes Map

After you go down in the elevator, this note will be on the floor by the wall on the right.


Artifact #3: Evacuation Leaflet

After hiding from the soldiers looking for you, climbing out of the sewers and up the ruined road, locate this note between the urn and the lamppost on your right.

Firefly Pendant #1: Lenz

Move forward to the Goldstone Building. This is the building you have to go through to get to the Capitol. There are two trees growing in front of this building, one of them is where the pendant hangs. Shoot to take it down.

Optional Conversation #2

Enter the building and go to the room directly ahead to find the body and listen to this dialogue.

Artifact #4: Field Ops Log

Climb one flight of stairs to find a note by the corpse.

Shiv Door #1

After the cutscene in which the first clicker attacks you, go to the next room and find this locked door. You will need a shiv to open it. Inside are additives and parts for the workbench.

Artifact #5: Firefly Map

Get to the subway, where you get the recipe for the Molotov cocktail. Climb the stairs next to this place to find the note by the corpse.

Artifact #6: Note to Derek

In the next part of the subway where some clickers walk, go to the store on the left side. You will find this note in the drawer by the cash register. It also has the code to the safe.

Safe Code #1

  • The code for the safe: 03-43-78

To find the safe itself, you need to move along the right side of the area where the clickers walk. The safe is behind the counter in a bookstore with a blue sign. Inside there are parts lying around.


Artifact #7: Medical Pamphlet

Move forward until you get out of the subway onto the street. There you will need to move the cart to get on the truck. Jump off the other side of it and then look inside to pick up this memo.


When you hide from the infected in the garage, this workbench will be on the left side. You need to interact with it to make it count for achievement. It is not necessary to improve anything.

Firefly Pendant #2: Kipper

Keep walking forward to get to the museum. Climb up the collapsed wooden floor to the second floor and pick up the pendant from the glass case in the corner of the room.

Shiv Door #2

When you split up with Tess and Ellie and find yourself in the area with the clickers, stick to the left side. The locked door is in the cafeteria. You will need a shiv to open it. Inside are supplements, parts for the workbench, and other supplies.

Optional Conversation #3

Find your companions, repel the attack of the runners, then you can talk to Tess at the window. If you don’t approach her for a long time, you can skip this dialogue.

Optional Conversation #4

Immediately after the previous conversation you can talk to Ellie.

The Capitol Building

Artifact #8: Firefly Orders

After climbing over the rooftop board and once again taking in the beautiful views of the Capitol, you will go down the stairs. Turn around to pick up this note near the corpse.

Firefly Pendant #3: Davidson

Walk forward to the flooded area in front of the Capitol. You will find this pendant in the water in the middle of the gazebo from the screenshot below.

Artifact #9: Smuggler Note

When you’re back on the subway in the story, Joel will have to duck down and swim under the carriage. After that, climb up to Ellie on the platform on the left and pick up the note from the corpse.

Firefly Pendant #4: Jiang

Right next to the previous body there is a passageway for Joel to swim through. The medallion lies on a rack under the water.


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