The Last of Us Part I: The Suburbs Collectibles – Chapter 6

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the Suburbs chapter, including Safe and Ellie Jokes

Discover the locations of all the collectibles in the sixth chapter of The Last Of Us remake, where Joel and Ellie find themselves on the beach. In the “Suburbs” chapter, you will need to locate 10 artifacts, 4 Firefly pendants, 2 comics, 1 workbench, 1 set of workbench tools, 2 training manuals, 1 safe, 3 optional conversations, and 1 Ellie joke (counted as dialogue in the menu).


Comics #1: Antiparticles

Approach the ship that washed ashore. Go into the deckhouse to find this comics on the control panel.

Artifact #1: Boat Note

On the seat directly across from the previous comics.

Firefly Pendant #1: Scheffler

Jump down the hatch on the deck of the ship to find this pendant on the ground.

Firefly Pendant #2: Righetti

In the sewers, keep to the right side until you notice a hole in the wall with water flowing out of it. Climb in there to retrieve this pendant from the corpse.

Artifact #2: Sewers Note

At the next fork, go with Ellie. Break out the vent grate so she can open the door on your right. After that, take the note from the table.

Firefly Pendant #3: Fuentes

Walk forward to the flooded room. At the sunken car and the tree growing out of the water, dive to find this pendant.

Artifact #3: Trading Note

The story requires you to swim under the gate and find a wooden pallet for Ellie. There is a door next to it that leads to a room with Clickers. Deal with the enemies and take the note by the sleeping bag.

Achievement: “Waterlogged”

Put Ellie on the pallet, push her to the generator and, once she climbs onto the platform, swim back to Henry and Sam. You must be able to jump onto the moving platform with them in time to get this achievement.

Tools for the workbench, level 3

From the pad with the generator, walk forward down the hallway to the first door on the left. Look inside to find tools there.

Training Manual #1: Bomb – Containment

From the triggered noise trap, go forward to pick up an allowance from the metal rack that increases the kill radius by at least 1.5 times.

Artifact #4: Rain Catcher Note

Soon after, you’ll have to fight off a group of infected people. After the battle, look in the room on the right to pick up this note near the corpse.

Artifact #5: Cornered Note

Walk forward down the hallway to the door behind the rack on the left. There is another note in this room near the corpse.

Artifact #6: Kid’s Drawing

After you split up, you’ll have to dash through a large area with infected people. Right in front of where Sam is supposed to bring the ladder down for you, there is a cool board. The drawing is on the rack below it.


Artifact #7: Looting Note

After escaping from the sewers, you will find yourself on a street with private homes. Go to the first house on the right and go upstairs to pick up this note from the dresser in the nursery.

Optional Conversation #1

Go through the hole in the wall of the house on the corner and listen to Henry’s story. After that, go to the house across the street and talk to Henry again.

Optional Conversation #2

Walk over to the ice cream truck and wait for the kids to listen to this dialogue.

Ellie’s Joke

Walk to the end of the street to where the two dogs were running. There is a Firefly symbol painted on the fence. Henry should come up and talk first. Sometime after that, Ellie will decide to get the joke book. Don’t leave until she stops talking.


Go back to the ice cream truck and go into the garage across from it to find this workbench. Be sure to interact with it to make it count.

Artifact #8: Father’s Note

Go into the red building to the right of the garage and go up to the second floor to find this note in the nursery.

Training Manual #2: Melee – Techniques

Once out of the nursery, drop Ellie off at the trapdoor in the ceiling, and she’ll come back with a training manual that will make the modifications withstand 2 more hits.

Artifact #9: Survivors Note

Go to the white house to the right of the red one. Go up to the 2nd floor and go into the first bedroom to find this note in the corner.

The code to the safe

The code to the safe: 08-21-36
There is a safe in the same room, and inside are additives and parts for the workbench. This is the last safe you need to get the “Sticky Fingers” achievement.

Comics #2: Messenger Particle

There is another bedroom on the same floor; the comics lies on the table.

Artifact #10: Matchbook

Go up another floor above to pick up a matchbox with the code to the safe from the dresser.

Optional Conversation #3

Back downstairs, you’ll see the kids playing darts. When they finish, you need to throw a dart to make this dialogue count.

Firefly Pendant #4: White

There is a large tree in the yard to the right of the main entrance of White’s house, which is where this pendant hangs. It’s a stone’s throw from where Ellie was messing around. Shoot the pendant to retrieve it.

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