The Last of Us Part I: Bus Depot Collectibles – Chapter 10

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the Bus Depot chapter, including Comics and Optional Conversation

Discover how to collect all the collectibles in the tenth chapter «Bus Depot» of The Last Of Us remake. It begins when Joel and Ellie get to Salt Lake City and you need to find 4 artifacts, 3 Firefly pendants, 2 comics, 2 workbenches, 1 set of workbench tools, 1 training manual, 1 shiv door, and 6 optional conversations.

Highway Exit

Optional Conversation #1

At the very beginning of the chapter, Joel will be talking to Ellie and will ask her a question at the end. After that, you can listen to this dialogue.

Artifact #1: Family Photo

Up ahead on the road you will see a trailer with an open door. Look inside to pick up this picture on the sink.

Optional Conversation #2

After exploring the trailer and walking outside, you’ll notice Ellie standing by the bus. Talk to her to make this dialogue count.

Firefly Pendant #1: Perich

Walk forward until you see a yellow bus on the left. You need to go behind it and then look behind the orange posts to find this pendant.

Optional Conversation #3

Once you get to the local bus station and go inside, you can talk to Ellie sitting on the bench in the center of the hall.

Artifact #2: Note to Wife

In the same hall where Ellie sits, in a suitcase in the corner.

Optional Conversation #4

After climbing the stairs, follow Ellie into the room with the giraffe. Pet it to listen to this dialogue.

Optional Conversation #5

On the roof, Ellie will stand, leaning against the ledge, and you can talk to her again.

Comics #1: Precipitate

Going down the stairs back to the station, look in the bathroom on the right to find this comics on the floor.

Workbench Tools, Level 5

After exiting the station, you will walk past the medical tents. The tools are on the table in the largest one. These are the last tools you’ll need to achieve “Sharpest Tool in the Shed“.

Firefly Pendant #2: Nicole Hoo’s

Walk past the tents and look left to see the spotlight by the fence. The pendant is hanging right on top of it.

Workbench #1

From the spotlight, go right to go into another tent with a workbench.

Artifact #3: Salt Lake Q.Z. Map

On the table across from the previous workbench.

Optional Conversation #6

As you leave the tent and head to the bus, you’ll see that Ellie wants to talk to you.

Artifact #4: Joel & Sarah Photo

Ellie will give it to you during the previous conversation.

Underground Tunnel

Firefly Pendant #3: Natalie Hoo’s

As you go through the bus, you’ll see another bus standing at the bottom of the tunnel. Look behind it to find the pendant on the ground.

Training Manual – Bomb: Shrapnel

Near the end of the tunnel, you will reach the point where two Bloaters and Clickers go at once. This is before the point where Ellie has to drop the box down. Climb on the truck from the screenshot below to find a tutorial that doubles the mine kill radius. This is the last manual you need to achieve “Something to Fight For“.

Comics #2: Catalysis

Move forward until you drop Ellie a ladder so she can climb up onto the truck. Use the truck to climb to the vent pipe and pick up the comics book lying at the end.

Workbench #2

After Ellie helps you open the gate, you’ll find this workbench by the far wall. This is the last workbench you need to achieve “Prepared For the Worst“.

Shiv Door

Go to the next room and look to your right to find a locked door. You’ll need a shiv to open it and pick up the additives and parts for the workbench.

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