The Last of Us Part I: Left Behind Collectibles – Chapter 12

This guide covers everything you need to know to find all the collectibles in the Left Behind chapter, including Achievements and Ellie Jokes

Discover how to collect all the collectibles in the “Left Behind” add-on of The Last Of Us remake. Here you need to find 14 artifacts, 14 option conversations, and 1 Ellie Jokes (counted as dialogues in the menu).

Back in a Flash

Artifact #1: Combination Note

In the pharmacy where you go to get the medicine in the story, there is a note on the floor behind the counter on the right.

Artifact #2: Pharmacy Key

To get this key, go into the American princess store next to the pharmacy and examine the body at the far end of the hall.

Artifact #3: Pharmacist’s Note

Drops from the previous body after you pick up the key.

Artifact #4: Salon Note

Move forward in the story until you get to the Rarity nail salon. The note is on the floor near the corpse with the medicine cabinet.


Artifact #5: Wanted Poster

Follow Riley upstairs. After you get under the boarded-up door, you can pick up this poster from the table in the room.

Optional Conversation #1

After climbing up to the floor above, you will pass a bedroom with a Firefly badge on the wall. Examine it to hear this dialogue.

Optional Conversation #2

When you get to the mall and go down the escalator, turn around and go to the poster of Hawaii on the wall for this dialogue.

Optional Conversation #3

From the escalator, walk forward to the Typhoon Blitz banner. Examine it to hear this dialogue.

Optional Conversation #4

After going down another escalator, Riley will be waiting for you with a conversation.

Optional Conversation #5

Enter the tent and examine the items on the rack by the far wall.

Optional Conversation #6

After Riley offers you a drink, go outside and examine the saddle on the bench in front of you.

Optional Conversation #7

Once in the store with Halloween merchandise, go to the far right corner and examine the cans on the rack. Do not leave the store through the door until you have collected the 4 more dialogues below.

Optional Conversation #8

In the far left corner of the store, wait for Riley to put on her vampire mask to talk to her.

Optional Conversation #9

On the rack in the center aisle, you can put on a witch mask and talk to Riley.

Optional Conversation #10

On the rack in the aisle to the left of the entrance, there is another green mask that you can put on.

Optional Conversation #11

There is a purple skull with predictions to the left of the entrance to the store. Wait until Ellie has exhausted all the dialogue options. Then the skull will take Riley and you can listen to her.

Achievement “Brick Master”

After you leave the store, Riley will suggest that you smash car windows with a brick at speed. Do it faster than her and you’ll get the achievement. There are seven windows in all, so be sure to go around all sides of the car.

Optional Conversation #12

After defeating Riley in the previous challenge, you can ask her a question.

Artifact #6: Warning Note

After the contest, you will go downstairs. Go into the room to your left to pick up this note from the locker.

So close

Artifact #7: Atrium Note

At the beginning of the chapter, stick to your right side to find this note by the medical gurney.

Artifact #8: Generator Note

On the crate next to the generator that you need to run in the basement in the story.

Artifact #9: Atrium Recorder

After you return from the basement, unlock the gate and go up the escalator to the helicopter, turn left. The recorder lies by the mattress.

Artifact #10: Medical Supplies

Automatically appears in your inventory after the scene in the helicopter.

Fun and Games

Optional Conversation #13

At the very beginning of the chapter, you need to ride the carousel for this dialogue.

Artifact #11 – No Pun Intended: Volume Too

You get this book from Riley while riding the carousel.

Ellie’s Joke

Get off the merry-go-round and wait for Ellie to tell all the jokes she has saved up. After that, you’ll get the achievement “That’s all I got“.

Optional Conversation #14

There is a photo booth under the escalator. You need to take a photo with Riley to make this dialogue count. After that, you’ll get the achievement “Getting to Know You“.

Artifact #12: Kitchen Note

There is a Fast Burger diner near the carousel. Look inside to pick up this note from the cabinet in the kitchen.

Achievement “Nobody’s Perfect”

Go up to Raja’s Arcade and first ride the race car in the corner on the left.

Achievement “Angel Knives”

Now walk up to the arcade and play with Raja. In order to get the achievement, you need to go through the game without taking any damage. To do this, you need to press all the buttons that appear in the left corner of the screen in time.

Achievement “Skillz”

Shortly thereafter, Riley will offer you a game of water pistols. To get the achievement, you need to win several rounds. Keep your blaster loaded and hide behind the tables to shoot Riley from around the corner.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Artifact #13: Crew Photo

At the beginning of the chapter, stick to the right side to find this open door. Look in there and pick up the note from the corpse.

Artifact #14: Duct Recorder

After the first confrontation with the Hunters, you need to crawl through the vent to advance further. In the vent, crawl to the left to find this recorder by the corpse. After that, you’ll get the “Chronicles” achievement.

Achievement “Live Bait”

Once you get out of the vent, you’ll see the infected people in the room below you. Throw the bottle to pit one against the other and you get this achievement.

Escape from Liberty Gardens

There are no collectibles in this chapter.

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